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46% of girls in the US and UK use vibrators. In Russia, this figure is only 23%.

Let's try to explain one more concept - sex. The concept implies a set of bodily, social and mental processes, based on which and with the help of which a person's desire for sex is satisfied. This concept is based on the assumptions of experts from the World Health Organization. Here are some of those suggestions.

  1. Getting pleasure and enjoyment through sex.
  2. Controlling one's behavior according to social norms and personal ethics.
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Modern sex is considered in all sorts of spectra, and therefore can be explained in different ways. First of all, sex it is an integral part of human life, which acts as a coordinator of human sexual manifestations. With the historical formation of man, the very role of copulation in his life has changed. At a new modern level, it is considered as a moral and ethical form of human behavior. Now the main purpose of sex is not procreation, but the satisfaction of one's sexual needs. This served as the foundation for the formation of a new feeling, which we call love, which gives a person not only pleasure, but also affects his physiological and spiritual balance.

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