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Since you have come to this page of Megavirt website, you are probably interested in this entertainment. Chatroulette chat is nothing more than a random video chat where you can meet strangers who can be located anywhere in the World. This video chat will independently select a partner for you to communicate. But if you don't like the chosen partner, you can simply click on the Next button in order to connect with another person. If you like your new partner, just greet him and start chatting. It is not at all necessary that the person on the other side of the screen likes you. There is nothing you can do about it, you have to look for someone with whom your interests will be mutual. But do not get upset prematurely, in this virtual video chat there are enough girls and boys for everyone and you will not be left without attention either!

The first Russian Chatroulette was created in 2009 by Andrey Ternovsky, a schoolboy from Moscow. At the time of creation, he was 16 years old.

Although we called this video chat "nude chatroulette", do not forget that there are people here who just came to chat and do not want to see nudists and perverts. Therefore, we strongly recommend you start a virtual chat with sound thoughts and not risk being banned. In addition, there are also rules that must be followed. In the most popular version of Chatroulette, thousands of users communicate, but keep in mind that there are much less women here than men, so it will be difficult to see 1000 girls in one session. The old version looked like a video chat with a random stranger, there is also the possibility of text communication. The main Chatroulette site is still the most popular video chat in the world, with about 67,000 visitors per day.

Girl in panties went to Chatroulette
Girl communicates in Chatroulette

Russian Chatroulette is not at all a fashionable innovation, it appeared in USA and the CIS countries since the end of the 2000s, and today this communication format has gained great popularity among Internet users as a new way of meeting Russian and Ukrainian girls. At its core, this is the same chat for communication, where people can chat with each other about anything, find their like-minded people and maybe even meet a soulmate. The stranger in the video Chatroulette is selected for you in a random order. Web Chatroulette can be text based, but more often people use video chat. Random chats attract users by:

  1. This is an interesting opportunity to chat with a lot of different people in a short time, as you can start without registering.
  2. Look for an interlocutor all over the world and continue to communicate with him in another place, for example, via a phone in a messenger or social network. Dating is available 24 hours a day.
  3. You can meet a guy or a girl, and if everything goes well, then meet in real life, as luck would have it.
  4. Communication takes place anonymously and if the stranger does not suit you with something, you can always stop communicating with him. If you are shy, you can chat a without webcam and microphone, use text chat, there is even only text Chatroulette.
  5. Our version is absolutely free, without ads and can rightfully be called the best Chatroulette of the Russian Internet #1, as an analogue of chat rooms for dating.
  6. Communication is completely anonymous and does not force you to do anything, without downloading some app to your phone, just direct access from your smartphone and mobile browser.

Chatroulette with Russian girls implies casual meeting with residents of the USA, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and other CIS countries. You have a unique opportunity to chat 1 on 1 with an unfamiliar naked girl, very often such communication transforms to XXX Chatroulette masturbation. The mobile version for iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android allows you to communicate directly from your phone in any secluded place.
Such dating is also suitable for girls for dating guys. The chat session is private - with no other users to interfere with your conversation.

Benefits of Chatroulette MegaVirt


Chat history

You can view chat history and immediately think about communicating with a man before. Significantly saves time and improves the progress of new meetings.


Search for previous interlocutors

You can find the interlocutor in the general list of users. Thus, you can quickly return to chatting with the person you liked in Chatroulette


Communication without limits

In our Chatroulette you can do everything: undress, chat about sex and show striptease, this is interesting for both girls and guys. Just remember that everything is by mutual desire!

There are also webcam versions of chat roulettes - where naked Russian girls are ready to show you naked body in a group live broadcast or in private for two. Here are really many girls in this Chatroulette, this is a new paid version. The chat here does not start with the phrase "let's talk", but with the phrase "take off your clothes, baby". You always have a choice, you can communicate with both mature women and young women with good video quality. This is an international Chatroulette, but often you can choose the country of the strangers.

1000 girls in Chatroulette

Chatroulette rules

You must understand some of the features of this video chat. In order to exclude all sorts of problems, read these rules:

  • Only persons aged 18+ can use free Chatroulette.
  • Depending on the country you are in, you must be considered an adult.
  • If a stranger is in a nude or semi-nude form, and will show recordings and other content of an erotic nature without your consent, you can notify the administration of video chat by clicking on the "Complaint" button and go to another interlocutor.
  • The administration of the video chat, if necessary, can send you letters to the email address you specified during registration.
  • MegaVirt is not responsible for the content distributed by Chatroulette users.
  • You agree not to interfere with this online video chat using other software.
  • It is forbidden to stand in front of the camera in a nude or semi-nude form, distribute audio and video recordings of pornographic content.
  • It is forbidden to record and take pictures of strangers, as well as distribute or disclose this information or information from the dialog in video chat.
  • In case of violation of these rules, you will be fully responsible for any illegal actions.
  • By starting to use this video chat, you agree to the rules, as well as to the fact that you will not submit claims and lawsuits to our website, its employees and the chat administration.

We hope that you will understand these rules and will comply with them. We strive to make the service better and really hope for your help. Similar rules apply to this free sex video chat.

The uniqueness of dirty Chatroulette alternative as a new way of dating

This video chat automatically registers you and creates a guest account for you, which makes it possible to significantly save time. In dirty Chatroulette, the system will search for those people who are most suitable for you. First of all, this concerns the gender of strangers, the system will also try to choose the interlocutor who is the closest to you geographically. With a guest account, you can top up your account and not enter personal information, but immediately start looking for new friends.

Many men are interested in chatting with girls online, and who knows, they can meet their soul mate in this chat. There are special US Chatroulettes clones for dating in Russian, where many girls of different ages are sitting, there are both chats with teen girls from 18+, and chats for communicating with more mature ladies.

The latest data shows that the majority of the Chatroulette alternative audience are users aged 25 to 34.

Until 2017, the leadership among visitors was held by the young part of the audience at the age of 18-24. As you can see, now the picture has changed a little, which indicates that the fans of this chat have grown, and the new generation is interested in other types of dirty dating - mainly using instant messengers and applications such as Whatsapp, Viber, Instagram, Snapchat and others alternatives.

For romantic dating and flirting are such chat roulette as a tete-a-tete with the girls, chatroulette 1000 girls, flirting chat roulette ru and others. There are worldwide dirty Chatroulettes on various dating sites. If you want to chat in a secure video chat without ads, then it is better to use paid Chatroulette.

You should understand that when you log in from another device, browser or after a while in this video chat, we cannot guarantee that your session will remain in effect. That is, if you make a payment to your account, and after a while you log into the system, then the chat can take you for a new user and give you a new guest profile. In this case, don't worry. Just sign out of your guest account and log in with your old account. If the problem persists, fill out the feedback form. In order not to lose access to your account, you can enter your email address and password, which you can remember and re-enter to Сhatroulette.