ChatRoulette Rules

It is strongly prohibited in the video chat to:

  • Stay naked or semi-naked infront of the camera *note: if you’ll be without t-shirt or shirt you will be banned *;
  • To demonstrate genitals;
  • Touch genitals even through the clothes
  • Demonstrate underwear;
  • Speak obscenity and offend your interlocutor;
  • Close your video camera or direct it not to your face.

Violators will be banned for 24 hours. Pay Attention: camera must be on your face and shirt necessarily.
These rules are invalid in case if you have added the user in your friend list and he accepted your request.

Advice of beautiful woman to the men.

Remember, to be liked by woman you should charm her. Man’s naked body and words “show me your pussy babe” – it is the best way to force woman you chat with to push the “Complain” button.

We, that is women, first of all evaluate how man is dressed up, how he behave, then his generosity and wit.

So, if you were banned, chin up and prepare to the next chat better:

  • Dress nicely - let it be usual t-shirt, but clean and selected with taste
  • Brush your hair - We will like shaggy-haired man only when he was ruffled by us.
  • Use a light perfume – you will be surprised but even through the electronic streams we can sense the smell of man.
  • Smile to yourself - we love self-confident men.
  • And let’s go – to conquer women’s hearts.

And we could not resist such a man like you…